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Reverse Logistics Market in India 2015


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Netscribes latest market research report titled Reverse Logistics Market in India 2015 highlights the competitive market scenario of the Indian reverse logistics market and its growth prospects in the ensuing years. The demand for reverse logistics in India is experiencing rising demand due to various driving factors which, in turn, have been instrumental in providing immense opportunities to companies to grow and operate in the market lucratively. Reverse logistics essentially encompasses customer pick-up, call center management of returns, warranty management, repairing, refurbishing, repacking of returned items, and resale of refurbished items to the end customer. Growing Indian economy is having a strong impact on both forward as well as reverse logistics. The Indian market is highly fragmented with large section of unorganized players playing a dominant role.

There are certain factors that have predominantly worked towards Indian reverse logistics market to grow in recent years. These include boom in retail trade, growth in consumer electronics and durables market. These factors are contributing towards the rapid growth of the industry. Being one of the largest industries dealing with one of the most expensive consumer goods, reverse logistics becomes an important subject for the automobile industry and also pharmaceutical sector. With technology adoption, manufacturers are experiencing superior inventory management.


Overview of the reverse logistics market in India and historical and forecasted market size data over 2013 to 2018e

Overview of reverse logistics distribution channel and technology adoption

Qualitative analysis of market drivers, challenges and trends

Overview of the issues hampering reverse logistics

Analysis of the competitive landscape and detailed profiles of major players

Why Buy

Gain a complete picture of the historic development, current market situation and future growth potential of reverse logistics in India

Understand the current market and technology trends

Plan and develop key partnering prospects

Strategize marketing, market-entry, market expansion, and other business plans by understanding factors influencing growth in the market and purchase decisions of buyers

Understand your competitors business structures, strategies and prospects, and respond accordingly

Make more informed business decisions with the help of insightful recommendations provided to succeed in the Indian reverse logistics industry

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