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Electric Vehicle Market in India 2010


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The Electric Vehicle Market comprising of electric cars and two-wheelers is expected to witness strong growth. A large number of international and domestic players have plans to enter the market and capitalize on the rising demand for alternative fuel vehicles in India.

The report provides a brief overview of the market including the estimated market size, growth rate. An analysis of drivers reveals that increasing crude oil prices, government initiatives, low maintenance costs, increasing awareness is driving growth in this sector. The key challenges identified are high cost, low performance and lack of supply of spare parts.

The report discusses the current market trends as entry of growing number of players into the market, automobile players are launching EV versions of their conventional models, increase in number of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, EV players are seeking carbon credits. The report provides the profile, expansion plans of the major players in the market and also covers the key developments in the sector.

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