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Air Transportation

Air Cargo Market in India 2015


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Netscribes latest market research report titled Air Cargo Market in India 2014 highlights the overall scenario of the air cargo network in India. Air transport facilities form an integral component of the overall logistics transportation services. World air cargo traffic is forecast to grow an average 4.7% per year over the next 20 years to reach a total of more than twice the amount as reported in 2013. For India, increased trade activity, especially of physical goods with the Asia-Pacific region and the relocation of trade epicenters to China, Southeast Asia and Africa is bound to open up new opportunities for the air cargo market in the country in the coming five years. The market is set to expand predominantly owing to the growth in retail sector, pharmaceutical shipments, growth in e-Commerce and poor infrastructure of the port sector. This is perfectly visible by the growth of scheduled domestic and scheduled international cargo traffic, both inbound and outbound, over the last five years. Further, the construction of the Air Cargo Logistics Board headed by Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation striving to establish policy guidelines on AFSs, decision to implement 247 operations at major international airports, establishment of Plan Quarantine facilities at emerging international air cargo complexes, augmentation of technical staff to operate such facilities are all initiatives to ensure expeditious handling of the export and import cargo.

High taxes raising operating costs and sub-standard infrastructure and unavailability of resources are the basic challenges faced by the industry, apart from ever rising ATF prices. However, the presence of a selected few players operating in the domestic economy also provide tremendous scope for the air cargo market. Focus on enhancing ground handling system and promoting key gateway airports as cargo transshipment hubs are the key strategies to expect a sustainable growth trajectory in the overall air cargo sector.


Overview of the world Air Cargo market, predicted growth in freighter fleet and segmentation of freight services

Overview of the Air Cargo market in India and forecasted market size over 2014 to 2019e

Logistics sector segmentation, aviation industry segmentation and air cargo movement value chain

Air cargo traffic scenario in India, air cargo segments by type and destination

Growth in international and domestic air cargo by Indian carriers

Growth in scheduled international traffic, inbound and outbound, by foreign carriers

Active government initiatives encouraging the overall Air cargo sector in the country

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the major drivers and challenges affecting the market

Key issues jeopardizing the major sectors and current trends observed in the sector

Analysis of the competitive landscape and detailed profiles of major public and private players

Strategic recommendation providing substantial future outlook for the market

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