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Wearable Device Market in India 2015

Wearable Device Market in India 2015

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  • Jul 21, 2015
  • 72 pages
  • Netscribes
Netscribes' latest market research report titled Wearable Device Market in India 2015 captures the overall current and future state of wearable device market, it includes detailed coverage of its products available in and outside India. India holds immense opportunities for wearable products due to the significant consumer buying interest and rapid growth in adoption of wearable gadgets. Continual emerging fashion trends are primarily aiding the growth in wearable market penetration. More personalized digital experience has revolutionized consumers' buying and spending trend for consumer electronic devices including wearable technologies, especially in the urban areas.
Broadly, the key factors that will drive the growth of wearable devices industry are introduction of innovative products, convenience of carrying and ease of entry of new players. Recently, many startup companies in India are catering to the wearable market in a big way by delivering wide range of capabilities. In 2014, wearable technologies have emerged as the next big consumer electronics market category, particularly for health and wellness. The market has huge opportunity to grow over the coming years along with the steady economic growth of the country.
Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive Summary

Macroeconomic Indicators
Slide 2: GDP at Factor Cost: Quarterly (2011-12 - 2014-15), Inflation Rate: Monthly (Dec 2014 -Apr 2015)
Slide 3: Gross Fiscal Deficit: Monthly (Feb 2014 - Jul 2014), Exchange Rate: Monthly (Dec 2014 - May 2015)
Slide 4: Lending Rate: Annual (2011-12 - 2014-15), Trade Balance: Annual (2011-12- 2014-15), FDI: Annual (2010-11 - 2013-14)

Slide 5-9: Wearable Device Market - Overview

Market Overview
Slide 10-11: Market Overview - Global, Market Overview - India

Startups in Wearable Segment
Slide 12: Description and name of the startup companies in India

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 13: Drivers and Challenges - Summary
Slide 14-18: Drivers
Slide 19-20: Challenges

Market Trends
Slide 21-22: Key Market Trends - Wearable Devices

Competitive Landscape
Slide 23: Porter's Five Forces Analysis
Slide 24-27: Competitive Benchmarking
Slide 28-62: Major Private Players

Market Opportunities
Slide 63-68: Opportunities in Enterprises, SMEs and other Key Industries

Strategic Recommendations
Slide 69-70: Wearable Devices - Market Potential, Sales and Distribution Channel - Opportunities, and Recommendations

Slide 71: Key Ratios Description
Slide 72: Sources of Information
List of Figures
Macro Economic Indicators
1. GDP at Factor Cost: Quarterly (2011-12 to 2014-15)
2. Inflation Rate: Monthly (Dec 2014 -Apr 2015)
3. Gross Fiscal Deficit: Monthly (Feb 2014 - Jul 2014)
4. Exchange Rate: Monthly (Dec 2014 - May 2015)
5. Lending Rate: Annual (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15)
6. Trade Balance: Annual (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15)
7. FDI Annual (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14)

Market Overview
1. Wearable Devices (Global)- Market Size & Growth(By Value; 2014 - 2019e)
2. Wearable Devices (India)- Market Size & Growth (By Value; 2014 - 2019e)

Drivers & Challenges
1. Wearable Market - Increased Consumer Base (2005, 2015e, 2025e)
2. Introduction and Availability of Next Generation Cellular Networks (2013-2015e)
3. Huge Wireless Subscriber Base - India (2006 - 2013)

Competitive Landscape
1. Competitive Benchmarking - Key Ratios of 2 Major Companies - Operational & Financial Basis (2013-14)
2. Company profiles (All Companies)
a. Financial Snapshot
b. Ownership Structure (All companies)

Market Opportunities
1. Wearable Devices - In Enterprises (2014e - 2015e)
2. Wearable Devices - In Small and Medium Enterprises (2008- 2016e)
List of Tables
Competitive Landscape
1. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Company Information (All Companies)
b. Products and Services (All Companies)
c. Key People (All Companies)
d. Shareholders of the Company (All Companies)
e. Key Ratios (All Companies)
f. Business Highlights (All Companies)

1. Key Ratios Description
2. Sources of Information
Companies Covered
Private Companies
1. Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
2. Google India Pvt. Ltd.
3. Apple India Pvt. Ltd.
4. Nike India Pvt. Ltd.
5. Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.
6. Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
7. Sony India Pvt. Ltd.