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Water Purifier Market in India 2012

Water Purifier Market in India 2012

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  • Jun 28, 2012
  • 41 pages
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Water Purifier Market in India is expected to grow at a healthy rate as the awareness for water purifier is on the rise and people are becoming more health conscious.

The report begins with an introduction on water purifier and how the global market will grow in next few years. It also highlights the major types of purification carried out by the water purifier. In the market overview section the market size and growth rate in terms of value and volume has been highlighted. Also the purchase criterion for water purifiers has been tabulated. In the next slide the revenue from rural market and urban market has been shown. Further the penetrations in these markets are also depicted. Again, the water purifier market in terms of organized and unorganized sector has been illustrated. Also, the market share among the players has been highlighted in the next slide as per the prevalent technology. Subsequently, the major technologies in the market are also explained. Furthermore, a snapshot of the players is given in the next slide along with insights about the after sales aspect. Major distribution models are also explained along with an indicative requirement for a franchise in this business.

In the next section drivers and challenges has been highlighted. Drivers include increase in urbanization which will call for more use of water purifiers. Also cities with population of more than 1 million are also increasing. Water purifiers have still not penetrated the market in a big way which provides opportunity for the manufacturers. Also these days' water purifiers are available in various price points which is helping the market to grow. Also the lack of clean water is helping the market to grow as the sources of fresh water are decreasing. Again increase in water borne diseases has paved the way for the increase in water purifiers. The challenges identified are low awareness about water purifiers and the need for the same. Also, an average individual buyer would find it difficult to understand the various jargons related to water purification.

In the next section market trends have been highlighted which includes focus on rural India as the market is largely under-penetrated. Also more players are crowding the market as they find the market to be lucrative and largely untapped. Also, the aggressive players are increasing the point of sales by going for the tie-ups and through various events.

The competition section begins with a Porter's five forces model which analyses the dynamics of the market. The major players in the market have been profiled which includes a financial summary for each of the players. Key ratios and key contacts are also listed. The last section offers strategic recommendations for the players in the water purifier market
Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Introduction to water purifier market- Market Size and Growth (value wise) (2011-2015e)
Market Overview
Page 3: Market Overview (1/3)-Market size and growth (value wise) (2011-2015e),
Market size and growth (based on units sold) (2011-2015e), Purchase Criterion
Page 4: MRI market overview (2/3) - Organized sector Vs Unorganized sector, Revenue: Urban Vs
Rural, Penetration- Water Purifier: Rural and Urban
Page 5: Market Overview (3/3) - Market Share: RO Purifiers (Top 4), UV Purifiers (Top 4), Offline based
(Top 4)
Page 6: Major technologies
Page 7: Major players
Page 8: Major distribution models
Drivers & Challenges
Page 9: Summary
Page 10- 12: Key drivers
Page 13: Key challenges
Page 14: Summary
Page 15- 16: Key Trends
Page 17: Market Competition- Porter's five forces analysis
Page 19-30: Major public players
Page 31-39: Major private players
Strategic Recommendations
Page 40: Key Strategic Recommendations
Page 41: Appendix
List of Figures
1. Market size and growth (value wise) (2011-2015e) (Global)
Market Overview
2. Market size and growth (based on units sold) (2011-2015e)
3. Market size and growth (based on value) (2011-2015e)
4. Revenue: Rural Vs Urban
5. Penetration : Rural Vs Urban
6. Organized sector Vs Unorganized sector
7. Market Share : RO Purifiers (Top 4)
8. Market Share : UV Purifiers (Top 4)
9. Market Share : Offline Purifiers (Top 4)

Drivers and Challenges
10. Total no. of households (India)- (2005-2025e)
11. Cities with more than 1 mn population (2001-2011)
12. Bubble Chart
13. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Financial Snapshot
b. Key Business segments (Public Companies)
c. Key Geographic Segments (Public Companies)
List of Tables
1. Purification Types
Market Overview
2. Water Purifier: Top Growing Regions
3. Purchase Criterion
4. Major players
5. Franchise requirements
6. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Company Information
b. Products and Services
c. Key People
d. Financial Summary
e. Key Ratios
f. Business Highlights
Companies Covered
1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
2. Tata Chemicals Ltd.
3. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.
4. Whirlpool of India Ltd.
5. Eureka Forbes Ltd.
6. Kent RO Systems Ltd.
7. Usha Shriram Brita Pvt. Ltd.