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Stem Cell Research in India 2012

Stem Cell Research in India 2012

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  • Jul 06, 2012
  • 65 pages
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The stem cell research in India is in its nascent stage and is gradually on a growth path of acceptance by people. The market is still in a phase of conducting research to establish itself as one of the best therapies for the widely prevalent incurable lifestyle diseases. Awareness campaigns and doctors are playing a key role educating people and especially would-be parents about the benefits associated with preserving stem cells.

The report begins with the introduction section which offers a brief insight of the concept of stem cell therapy and banking, the conventional sources of stem cells and the current and future therapeutic solutions for the most risky diseases. It then moves to the market overview section which provides an insight of the Indian stem cell therapy market, with highlight on the market size and growth. It also covers the market size and growth prospect of the stem cell banking market in India. In addition to these, the report gives a snapshot of the current and expected stem cell banking customers.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry that include favourable regulatory environment, high patient population, stem cell application in drug development, rising consumer awareness, a rise in medical tourism and an increase in research and development expenditure to ensure stem cell therapy as a viable treatment for the numerous diseases. The key challenges include high cost of therapy, capital intensive market and high development costs of stem cell resulting in slow progress of the market.

The next section of the report provides the progressive stages that the stem cell research is undergoing and the respective business prospect for each of the stages of business involved. The report then covers the key trends that are being observed in the stem cell research. Collaborations and partnerships are becoming a trend that is helping in healthy progress of the business, investments are pouring in from government, international organizations and pharmaceutical companies, serious efforts are being undertaken to raise awareness standards regarding stem cell therapy and the move is being popularized by stem cell banks by providing easy financing opportunities for banking stem cells.

Significant developments have emerged wherein new sources of stem cells have been identified - dental stem cells and menstrual blood stem cells which have been discussed along with its benefits in comparison to cord blood stem cells.

The competition section gives overview of stem cell banks and stem cell research organizations in the country. The report highlights the features of the major players operating in the market in detail. It includes elaborate profile of the major players in the market along with their financial analysis. Porters Five Forces Analysis has been incorporated for a brief but effective understanding of the market scenario.

Thereafter, the report has a section on the recent developments that have taken place in the recent past in the stem cell research area followed by a section on strategic recommendations created after a thorough analysis of the industry. The strategic recommendations section focuses on some effective strategic decisions which can be taken up by companies to increase their market shares like public private partnerships, taking up measures to increase the number of cord blood samples and collaborations to a smooth progress of the stem cell research that will have a positive impact on the therapeutic segment.
Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive summary

Page 2: Introduction
Page 3: Types of stem cells
Page 4: Current and emerging therapeutic applications of stem cells

Market Overview
Page 5: Stem Cell Therapy Market - Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise: 2010-16e); Stem Cell Banking Market - Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise: 2010-16e)
Page 6: Stem Cell Banking Customers Market - Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise:2010-16e); Stem Cells Market in India - Segmentation; Adult Stem Cell Market - Segmentation

Drivers & Challenges
Page 7: Summary
Page 8-14: Drivers
Page 15-17: Challenges

Market Value Chain
Page 18: Progressive stages in stem cell research

Page 19: Summary
Page 20-21: Key Trends

Recent Developments
Page 22: Dental stem cells
Page 23: Menstrual blood stem cells
Page 24: Comparative study of conventional cord blood stem cell with dental and menstrual stem cell

Page 25: Market Competition - Porter's Five Forces Analysis
Page 26- 46: Major Stem Cell Banks
Page 47- 62: Major Research Organizations

Recent Developments
Page 63: Recent Developments

Strategic Recommendation
Page 64: Strategic Recommendations

Page 65: Appendix
List of Figures
Market Overview
1. Stem Cell Therapy Market - Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise: 2010-16e)
2. Stem Cell Banking Market - Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise: 2010-16e)
3. Stem Cell Banking Customers Market - Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise: 2010-16e)
4. Stem Cell Market in India - Segmentation
5. Adult Stem Cell Market - Segmentation

Drivers & Challenges
6. Growing Prevalence of Parkinson's Disease
7. Prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases
8. Prevalence of Thalassemia Patients
9. Medical Tourism Industry - India
10. Treatment of Foreign Patients
11. Budget Allocation for Research in Science and Technology to Health Ministry
12. Total Healthcare Expenditure as Percentage of GDP - (2010-11)
13. Per Capita Health Expenditure

14. Financial Snapshot for Stem Cell Banks (Except Pathcare Labs (P) Limited Stemade Biotech Private Limited)
List of Tables
Drivers & Challenges
1. Guidelines for Stem Cell Research/Regulation in India
2. Cost Comparison of Stem Cell Therapy
3. List of Hospitals Providing Stem Cell Therapy in India

Recent Developments
4. Tabular representation of differences in stem cells derived from cord blood, teeth and menstrual blood

5. Company profiles (Stem Cell Banks)
a. Company information
b. Products and services
c. Key people
d. Key Financial Performance Indicators
e. Key Ratios (Except Pathcare Labs (P) Limited Stemade Biotech Private Limited)
6. Business Highlights
7. Institute profiles (Stem Cell Research Organizations)
a. Organization information
b. Products and services
c. Key people
8. Business Highlights
9. Pricing options for
1. Cyrobanks International India Private Limited
2. LifeCell International Private Limited

Recent Developments
9. Tabular presentation of recent developments in stem cell

10. Ratio Calculations
Companies Covered
Stem Cell Banks Profiled
1.Cyrobanks International India Private Limited
2.LifeCell International Private Limited
3.Pathcare Labs (P) Limited
4.Reliance Life Sciences Private Limited
5.Stemade Biotech Private Limited
6.Stemone Biologicals Private Limited
7.Stempeutics Research Private Limited

Stem Cell Research Organizations Profiled
1.All India Institute of Medical Sciences Stem Cell Facility
2.Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
3.Centre for Stem Cell Research
4.International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks
5.L V Prasad Eye Institute
6.National Centre for Biological Sciences
7.National Centre for Cell Science
8.Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine