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PC and Online Gaming Industry in India 2012

PC and Online Gaming Industry in India 2012

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  • Apr 05, 2012
  • 68 pages
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Indian PC and Online Gaming Industry in India are poised to grow at a healthy rate due to rising penetration of PC and internet connectivity. Young population in India will further increase the demand for gaming.

The report begins with an introduction to the overall gaming industry. It provides estimated figures for the global market size and growth of the gaming industry. It also highlights the market segmentation by region and type of games. In the market overview section the estimated market size of the Indian gaming industry is shown. It further shows how the dynamics of the Indian gaming industry is changing. The report then focuses on the PC gaming industry, providing estimates regarding the market size and segmentation of PC users. It also explains the value chain in the PC gaming industry and describes the distribution model of PC gaming. Then the report moves to the Indian online gaming segment. It shows overall market size as well as the segmentation among the rural and urban customers. Furthermore, it explains the value chain and revenue model associated with online gaming. Porter's analysis helps to understand the dynamics in the PC and Online Gaming market in India.

Drivers include increase in internet penetration which acts as a huge driver to boost the demand for online gaming. Games are generally played by the youth and India has a favorable demographic in this aspect. Another driver is that both internet usage and broadband penetration are increasing at a healthy rate thus helping the gaming industry grow. India is a favored outsourcing destination for many gaming companies which is providing a big boost to the PC and online gaming market. Rise in the PC sales acts to the advantage of PC gaming in India. Challenges identified are that pirated CDs are robbing the revenue from the original game manufacturing companies. Broadband speeds in India often falls below desired levels, thus causing problems for playing online games

Trends identified include localization of gaming content so as to suit the tastes of the regional customers. Rise of 3D games both in the PC and online platform can be seen in the Indian gaming space. The Indian PC and Online gaming industry is witnessing investments from the PE/VC investors. Online gaming in India has received a push from the social networking sites and huge prize money is on offer. Rise of cyber cafes as gaming zones as well as tie-ups with DTH operators with gaming service providers are the other trends identified.

The competition section begins with a bubble chart which provides the relative positions of the players based on their revenue, net profit and market capitalization/asset value. The major players in the market have been profiled which includes a financial summary for each of the players. Key ratios and key contacts are also listed. The last section offers strategic recommendations for the players in the PC and online gaming market.
Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Segmentation of the Gaming Industry
Page 3: Global Gaming Market & Growth (2010-2015e); Market Segmentation: Region (2011-2015e); Market Segmentation: Type (2010-2015e)
Market Overview
Page 4: Indian Gaming Market: Growth and Segmentation (2010-2015e)
Page 5: PC Gaming Market Size and Growth (2010-2015e); Segmentation of PC users (2010)
Page 6: PC Gaming - Value Chain
Page 7: PC Gaming - Distribution model
Page 8: Online Gaming Market - Market Size and Growth (2010-2015e); Internet Users - Growth and Segmentation (Sep '11 - Dec '11)
Page 9: Online Gaming - Value Chain
Page 10: Revenue Model- Online Gaming
Page 11: Porter's Five Forces Analysis
Drivers & Challenges
Page 12: Drivers - Summary
Page 13-17: Key Drivers
Page 18: Challenges-summary
Page 19-21: Key Challenges
Page 22: Summary
Page 23-29: Key trends
Page 30: Bubble Chart (Based on Revenue, Net Profit/Loss, Market Capitalization)
Page 31-42: Public - Company Profiles
Page 43: Bubble Chart (Based on Revenue, Net Profit/Loss, Assets)
Page 44-66: Private - Company Profiles
Strategic Recommendations
Page 67: Key Strategic Recommendations
Page 68: Appendix
List of Figures
1. Global Gaming Market Size and Growth (2010-2015e)
2. Market Segmentation - Region (2011-2015e)
3. Market Segmentation - Type (2010-2015e)
Market Overview
4. Indian Gaming Market - Market Size and Growth (2010-2015e)
5. Indian Gaming Market - Segmentation (2010 and 2015e)
6. PC Gaming - Market Size & Growth ( 2010- 2015e)
7. Segmentation of PC users (2010)
8. Online Gaming - Market Size and Growth (2010-2015e)
9. Internet users - Growth and Segmentation (Sep '11 - Dec '11)
Drivers and Challenges
10. Total Number of Households (2005-2025e)
11. Aggregate Annual Disposable Income (2005-2025e)
12. Median Age Across Countries (2011)
13. Total population - Segmentation (2011)
14. Internet Industry - Growth (2010-2016e)
15. Broadband Users - Growth (2010-2015e)
16. Top Outsourcing Destinations for USA
17. PC Base India - Market Size and Growth
18. Mobile Gaming - Growth (2010-2015e)
19. Console Gaming - Growth (2010-2015e)
20. Original vs. Pirated CD Prices
21. Internet Subscribers - Technology-wise
22. Bubble Chart
23. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Financial Snapshot (All other than Dhruva Interactive Pvt. Ltd.)
b. Key Business Segments (Public Companies)
c. Key Geographic Segments (Public Companies)
List of Tables
Market Overview
1. Major MVAS Delivery Platforms for M-Commerce Services
M-Commerce Player Profiles
2. Company Profiles
a. Company information
b. Products and services
c. Key people
d. Key Financial Performance Indicators
e. Key Ratios
f. Business Highlights
3. Appendix
Companies Covered
1. 7Seas Entertainment Ltd.
2. UTV Software Communications Ltd.
3. DQ Entertainment International Ltd.
4. ChaYoWo Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5. Dhruva Interactive Pvt. Ltd.
6. Gameshastra Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
7. Kreeda Games India Pvt. Ltd.
8. ibibo Web Pvt. Ltd.
9. Play Games 24*7 Pvt. Ltd.
10. Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd.
11. Zynga Game Network India Pvt. Ltd.