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Mobile Internet Market in India 2017

Mobile Internet Market in India 2017

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  • Apr 11, 2017
  • 54 pages
  • Netscribes

Netscribes’ research report Mobile Internet Market in India 2017 uncovers the key trends in the mobile internet industry, challenges and opportunities, key players, and the current market dynamics of the mobile internet market in India.

Mobile internet usage in India has propelled since the introduction of 4G and Reliance Jio’s aggressive pricing strategies. Currently, India has the third largest internet user base in the world, of which, more than 50% are mobile internet users.

Mobile Internet Market in India Key Growth Factors

According to Netscribes, the internet user base in India is expected to reach 730 million by the end of 2020, with nearly 75% of new user growth expected to come from rural areas. Evolving demographics, consumer behavior, rising demand and lowering prices of smartphones, and growing the adoption of social networking are some of the major drivers for growth in the Indian mobile internet market.  

The Indian Government's ‘Digital India’ initiative, which aims to utilize the potential of digital technologies to address significant socioeconomic challenges in the country has also acted as one of the major growth drivers of the market.

Mobile Internet Market in India Threats and Key Players

Lack of awareness about the applications of internet usage and high data tariffs are the major barriers to the growth of the mobile internet market in India. Also, inferior and inconsistent network services have a negative impact on the mobile internet market. The rise in local broadband players providing low-cost data plans is another barrier, which mobile internet network operators need to overcome.

The top five players in the mobile internet sector includes Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL and Aircel – accounting for 76.41% of the total subscribers in the country.

What’s covered in the report?

  • Overview of the mobile internet market in India and forecasted market size data over 2013 to 2020
  • Data Usage in India By Device as of September 2016
  • Qualitative analysis of the major drivers and challenges affecting the market
  • Market dynamics through major trends and opportunities
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape and detailed profiles of major public and private players
  • Detailed description of the ‘Digital India’ initiative by the Government of India
  • Key recent developments associated with the mobile internet market in India

Why buy?

  • Get a broad understanding of the mobile internet market in India, the dynamics of the market and current state of the same
  • Be informed regarding the major trends of adoption for mobile internet and the prime opportunity areas in the market
  • Strategize marketing, market-entry, market expansion, and other business plans by understanding factors influencing growth in the market
  • Understand major competitors’ business, market dynamics, and respond accordingly
  • Make more informed business decisions with the help of insightful recommendations provided to succeed in the market

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Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive Summary

Macroeconomic Indicators
Slide 2: Total Population (2010-2011 - 2019-2020), Population Density (2010-2011 - 2019-2020)
Slide 3: Sex Ratio (2005, 2010, 2015, 2020), Population by Age Group (2005, 2010, 2015, 2020), Urbanization Trend (2010-2011 - 2019-2020)
Slide 4: Total Fertility Rate (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020), Infant Mortality Rate (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020), Total Number of Births (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020), Total Number of Death (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020)
Slide 5: Total Literacy Rate (2001, 2011), Rural Literacy (2001, 2011), Urban Literacy (2001, 2011)
Slide 6: GDP at Market Prices (2010-2014), FDI (2010-2014), Inflation Rate (2010-2014), Unemployment Rate (2010-2014)
Slide 7: Access to Safe Drinking Water (2001, 2011), Exchange Rate (2010-2015)

Market Overview
Slide 8: Market Definition and Structure
Slide 9: Mobile Internet Market in India -Market Overview, Size and Growth Forecast (Value-Wise; 2013 - 2020e)
Slide 10: Wireless Subscribers Base in India (GSM, CDMA & LTE)
List of Figures
Socioeconomic Indicators
1. Total Population and Population Density (2010-2011 - 2019-2020)
2. Sex Ratio (2005, 2010, 2015, 2020)
3. Population by Age Group (2005, 2010, 2015, 2020)
4. Urbanization Trend (2010-2011 - 2019-2020)
5. Total Fertility Rate (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020)
6. Infant Mortality Rate (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020)
7. Total number of Births (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020)
8. Total number of Death (2005-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020)
9. Total Literacy Rate (2001, 2011)
10. Rural Literacy (2001, 2011)
11. Urban Literacy (2001, 2011)
12. GDP at Market Prices (2010-2014)
13. FDI (2010-2014)
14. Inflation Rate (2010-2014)
15. Unemployment Rate (2010-2014)
16. Access to safe drinking water (2001, 2011)
17. Exchange Rate (2010-2015)

Market Overview
1. Mobile Internet Market in India -Market Overview, Size and Growth Forecast (Value-Wise; 2013 - 2020e)
2. Total Wireless Subscriber Base - Urban vs Rural (2016)
3. Growth in Wireless Tele-Density (FY 2012 - FY 2016e)
4. Mobile Internet Users in India - Urban vs Rural (Jun 2012 - Jun 16)
5. Access Service Provider-wise Market Shares in terms of Wireless Subscriber Base (2016)
6. Access Service Provider-Wise Growth Rate of Wireless Subscriber Base (As of Nov 2016)
7. Area-wise Growth Rate of Wireless Subscriber Base (As of Nov 2016)
8. Mobile Internet Traffic as Percentage of Total Web Traffic (As of Jan 2017)
9. Global Mobile internet User Penetration (2014 - 2019e)
10. Data Usage Percentage by Device in India (As of Sep 2016)
11. Wireless Subscriber Base by Technology - 2G, 3G & 4G (2015-2020e)
12. Mobile Phone Internet User Penetration (2015-2020e)
13. Most Popular Smartphone Activities in India (As of Jan 2017)
14. Competitive Scenario in the Mobile Internet Market (Major Telecom Companies, Rates, Plans)

Competitive Landscape
1. Financial Snapshot (Only Public Companies)
2. Key Business Segments (Only Public Companies)
3. Key Geographic Segments (Only Public Companies)
List of Tables
Competitive Landscape
1. Competitive Scenario of the Mobile Internet Market in
2. Data Usage in India By Device
3. List of Major Players
Companies Covered
Public Companies
1. Bharti Airtel Ltd.
2. Idea Cellular Ltd.
3. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.
4. Reliance Communications Ltd.

Private Companies
1. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
2. Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.
3. Tata Teleservices Ltd.
4. Aircel Ltd.
5. Vodafone India Ltd.
6. Telenor (India) Communications Pvt. Ltd.