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Laboratory Information Management System Market in India 2013

Laboratory Information Management System Market in India 2013

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  • Apr 12, 2013
  • 124 pages
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The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) forms a niche market segment in India presently. The growing systemization of laboratories will gradually steer forth the market. The simultaneous rapid development of Indian healthcare sector that is seeing rise in number of various types of laboratories will propel the future of LIMS adoption in Indian healthcare sector as well.
The report begins with macro economic indicators whereby the basic economic indicators have been depicted.
The introduction section provides a broad overview of Indian healthcare sector and how IT adoption in healthcare is having a valued impact on performance of the sector. The report progresses to describe the sectors where LIMS has applications along with the benefits of the software. The section also describes the historical development pathway of LIMS.
The next section highlights the value wise market size and growth of LIMS software and also the adoption of LIMS specifically in the Indian healthcare sector.
The report then describes the LIMS structure encapsulating common modules and the step wise workflow of the LIMS from requisition to information deliver and LIMS in terms of application. In the next section, the distribution channel has been elaborated from designing of software to final installation of software.
The report then focuses on the healthcare applications of LIMS with description of methodical solutions LIMS provides in life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology and in contract service laboratories.
The next section elaborates the drivers and challenges that the market is currently facing. Drivers include growing clinical laboratories, growing pharmaceutical industry, growing clinical trials market, rising biotechnology industry and factor such as significance laid on laboratory accreditation. Challenges in the market include disparity in 'quality' standards and high cost of installation.
Though the LIMS market is still in a nascent stage, yet the software developers are trying to make the software user friendly and cost effective for which it has come up with the concept of LIMS on Cloud.
The competitive landscape section begins with the Porter's Five Forces Analysis, illustrating the competitive rivalry, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers and threat of new entrants and substitutes. The section includes competitive benchmarking of the top players operating in the Indian LIMS market. The report also features brief profiles of major domestic and foreign players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance along with the key financial ratios, business highlights, their product portfolio and SWOT analysis, thus providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario.
The final section of the report contains strategic recommendations which will be instrumental for the companies to garner a larger market share in the Indian market.
Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive Summary

Macroeconomic Indicators
Slide 2: Economic Indicators: GDP at cost factor cost: Quarterly (2009-10- 2012-13) & Inflation rate Monthly (Aug - Sep 2012 - Dec - Jan 2013)
Slide 3: Gross fiscal deficit: Monthly (Sep-2011-Feb 2012) & Exchange Rate: Monthly (Sep 2012- Feb 2013)
Slide 4: Lending rate: Annual (2008-09-2011-12); Trade Balance: Annual (2009-10-2012-13) & FDI: Annual (2009-10-2012-13)

Slide 5-7: Healthcare Industry Overview
Slide 8: IT Adoption in Healthcare
Slide 9: Historical development of LIMS
Slide 10: LIMS Industry Applications in Key Sectors
Slide 11-12: Benefits of LIMS

Market Overview
Slide 13-15: Overall LIMS and LIMS in healthcare: Market Size & Growth

LIMS Structure
Slide 16: Common modules
Slide 17: Modules workflow
Slide 18: LIMS applications

Distribution Channel
Slide 19: Distribution Channel

LIMS Applications in Healthcare
Slide 20-22: LIMS applications in healthcare laboratories

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 23: Summary
Slide 24-31: Key Drivers
Slide 32-34: Key Challenges

Slide 35: LIMS on cloud

Competitive Landscape
Slide 36: Market Competition- Porter's five forces analysis
Slide 37-40: Competitive benchmarking
Slide 39-44: Major Public Player- Corporate information, financial snapshot and summary key ratios, key business and geographic segments, business highlights and SWOT analysis
Slide 45-89: Major Private Players- Corporate information, ownership and shareholding structure of company, financial snapshot, key ratios, business highlights and SWOT analysis
Slide 90: Some other players in Indian market

Strategic Recommendations
Slide 91: Key Strategic Recommendations

Slide 92: Appendix
Slide 93: Sources of information
List of Figures
Macroeconomic Indicators
1. GDP at cost factor cost: Quarterly (2009-10- 2012-13)
2. Inflation rate Monthly (Aug-Sep 2012 - Dec 2012-Jan 2013)
3. Gross fiscal deficit: Monthly (Sep-2011-Feb 2012)
4. Exchange rate: Monthly (Sep 2012- Feb 2013)
5. Lending rate: Annual (2008-09 - 2011-12)
6. Trade balance: Annual (2009-10-2012-13)
7. FDI: Annual (2009-10-2012-13)


8. Healthcare sector: Market size and growth (2012-16e)
9. Healthcare market segmentation: 2012
10. Healthcare expenditure of population by economic standard

Market Overview
11. Overall LIMS: Market Size & Growth (Value wise) (2012-2017e)
12. LIMS in healthcare: Market Size & Growth (Value wise) (2012-2017e)
13. Composition of Healthcare LIMS of Total LIMS Market - India

Drivers & Challenges
14. Path labs: Market Size and Growth (Value-wise) (2012 and 2017e)
15. Pharmaceutical: Market Size and Growth (Value-wise) (2012-2017e)
16. Clinical trials: Market Size and Growth (Value-wise) (2010-2015e)
17. Biotech sector: Market Size and Growth (Value-wise) (2012-2016e)

Competitive Landscape
18. Competitive Benchmarking of Major 3 Companies - Operational Basis
19. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Financial Snapshot
(Except for Oasis Infotech Ltd.
STARLIMS Asia Pacific Ltd.)
b. Key Business Segments (Public Company)
c. Key Geographic Segments (Public Company)
d. Ownership Structure (Private Companies)
(Except for Oasis Infotech Ltd.
STARLIMS Asia Pacific Ltd.)

Strategic Recommendation

20. Growth Areas of Medical Devices
List of Tables
Competitive Landscape
5. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Company Information
b. Products and Services
c. Key People
d. Key Financial Performance Indicators (for Public Company)
e. Shareholders of the Company (for Private Companies only)
f. Key Ratios
(Except for Oasis Infotech Ltd. STARLIMS Asia Pacific Ltd.)
g. Business Highlights
h. Some other players in Indian market

7. Appendix
8. Sources of information
Companies Covered
Public Companies
1. Persistent Systems Ltd.

Private Companies
1. Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
2. Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd.
3. Caliber Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
4. Labvantage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5. Oasis Infotech Ltd.
6. Ocimum Biosolutions (India) Ltd.
7. Perkinelmer (India) Pvt. Ltd.
8. STARLIMS Asia Pacific Ltd.
9. Sukraa Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.
10. Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt. Ltd.