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Cardiac Pacemaker Market in India 2013

Cardiac Pacemaker Market in India 2013

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  • Feb 28, 2013
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Cardiac Pacemaker Market in India is expected to grow at a healthy rate as people are becoming more aware and cardiac pacemakers are also becoming more user friendly with added features. Also, cardiac pacemakers have become more affordable helping the market to grow even further.
The report begins with macro economic indicators whereby the basic economic indicators have been depicted. In the introduction section various types of pacemakers has been explained. In the market overview section the market size of cardiac pacemaker market in terms of value as well as volume has been depicted. Thereafter the price range of various types of pacemaker as well as the factors which affect the price of pacemakers has been enlisted. Furthermore, a short comparative study between the global market and the Indian market for cardiac pacemaker is also provided. The report also explains about some of the various types of ways in which the players in the cardiac pacemaker market engage with customers in order to increase their market share. In the next section import and export of cardiac pacemakers for the last four years has been highlighted. Also the major countries for import and export for cardiac pacemaker is also depicted.
In the next section drivers and challenges has been highlighted. Drivers include changing demographics i.e. as more people reach close to sixty years of age they are likely to develop some heart complications thus increasing the demand for cardiac pacemakers. Also, in India high rate of cardio vascular disease causes the market to grow even more. Again, compared to other western countries penetration of cardiac pacemaker is less in India-hence, providing ample opportunities for growth for the manufacturers. Growing awareness about the utility of pacemaker among general masses also increases the demand for pacemaker. Of late, insurance companies have started to cover patients for the cost of operation in case of cardiac pacemaker implant which boosts the demand. Challenges include per capita spend for medical devices in India is low compared to Western countries. Again, the government lacks proper regulatory structure for medical devices and there are hardly any government initiatives. Also, high capital expenditure acts as a deterrent for newer players to enter the market.
Trends include improvement in technology which has helped the market to grow as users find it more helpful than ever before. Also, it is possible nowadays to monitor the condition of the patient via internet, because of which the patient feels safer now. In certain cases, cardiac pacemakers are also reused for patients who cannot afford them.
The competition section begins with a Porter's five forces model which analyses the dynamics of the market. The major players in the market have been profiled which includes a financial summary for each of the players. Key ratios and key contacts are also listed. The last section offers strategic recommendations for the players in the cardiac pacemaker market. For each of the companies a SWOT analysis has been provided.
Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive Summary

Macroeconomic Indicators
Slide 2: Economic Indicators: GDP at cost factor cost: Quarterly (2009-10- 2012-13) & Inflation rate Monthly (Jul-Aug 2012 - Nov-Dec 2012)
Slide 3: Gross fiscal deficit: Monthly (Sep-2012-Feb 2013) & Exchange Rate: Half Yearly (Aug 2012- Jan 2013)
Slide 4: Lending rate: Annual (2008-09-2011-12); Trade Balance: Annual (2009-10-2012-13) & FDI: Annual (2009-10-2012-13)

Slide 5: Types of cardiac pacemaker

Market Overview
Slide 6: Cardiac pacemaker- Market overview (1/3) - Market size and Growth (2011-2016e) (Value wise); Market Size and growth (2011-2016e) (Volume wise)
Slide 7: Cardiac pacemaker- Market overview (2/3) - Pricing of a Pacemaker; Factors Affecting
Slide 8: Cardiac pacemaker- Market overview (3/3) - Ways of engaging with the market; Pacemaker: Global Vs India

Slide 9: Import
Slide 10: Export

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 11: Summary
Slide 12- 15: Key drivers
Slide 16-18: Key challenges

Slide 19 Summary
Slide 20-21: Key trends

Competitive Landscape
Slide 22: Market Competition- Porter's five forces analysis
Slide 23-26: Major public players
Slide 27-45: Major private players

Strategic Recommendations
Slide 46: Key Strategic Recommendations

Slide 47: Appendix
Slide 48: Sources of information
List of Figures
Macroeconomic Indicators
1. GDP at cost factor cost: Quarterly (2009-10- 2012-13)
2. Inflation rate Monthly (Jul-Aug 2012 - Nov-Dec 2012)
3. Gross fiscal deficit: Monthly (Sep-2012-Feb 2013)
4. Exchange Rate: Half Yearly (Aug 2012- Jan 2013)
5. Trade Balance: Annual (2009-10-2012-13)
6. FDI: Annual (2009-10-2012-13)

Market Overview
7. Market Size and growth (Value wise) (2011-2016e)
8. Market Size and growth (Volume wise) (2011-2016e)

9. Total Imports (2008-09-2010-11)
10. Imports Region-wise (2010)
11. Imports Region-wise (2011)
12. Total Exports (2008-09-2010-11)
13. Exports Region-wise (2010)
14. Exports Region-wise (2011)

Drivers & Challenges
15. Total people more than 60 years of age (2012-2025e)
16. Deaths from cardiovascular disease (2010-2020e)
17. Market Penetration (2010)
18. Potential of the market (2011)
19. Per capita expenditure on Medical Technology (2011)

Competitive Landscape
20. Bubble Chart
21. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Financial Snapshot
b. Key Business segments (Public Companies)
c. Key Geographic Segments (Public Companies)
List of Tables
Market Overview
1. Pricing of a pacemaker
2. Factors Affecting the purchase
3. Ways of engaging with the market
4. Pacemaker: Global Vs India

Competitive Landscape
5. Company Profiles (All Companies)
a. Company Information
b. Products and Services
c. Key People
d. Financial Summary
e. Key Ratios
f. Business Highlights

6. Appendix
7. Sources of information
Companies Covered
Public Companies
1. The Shree Pacetronix Ltd.

Private Companies
1. Biotronik Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.
2. Boston Scientific India Ltd.
3. India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.
4. Medived Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
5. St. Jude Medical India Pvt. Ltd.