Business Cases

Business Cases

Sales & Market Intelligence

Track news, mentions, thought leadership for companies/topics/keywords

Competitor Tracking

Stay on top of competitors with monitoring across verticals/services/industries. Provides benchmarking across key competitive levers

Aware Leadership

Track top management on market updates and competition. Remain updated on investments, management changes, CXO opinions, product launches, and more

Social Listening

Keep your brand health incheck with monitoring across key social media channels

Sales Acceleration

Accelerate trust building in meetings with real-time understanding of prospects’ business initiatives

Better Account Farming

Track prospects on account farming triggers such as operation expansion, new product launches, and more

Customized Information Sourcing

Established a sourcing module to cover intelligence on the upcoming sectors that could turn into next big opportunity

Daily Intelligence Alerts

Delivered custom market intelligence alerts to individual consultants and partners basis of their sectors/areas of expertise