self driven cars

Over the course of history, many a weekend getaway has been ruined by people who feel that a drive to the destination is far too exhausting. These people must have been delighted when they heard that companies like Apple and Google are planning to manufacture self-driven cars.

Today, autonomous cars are not only a reality but their availability to the public is only a matter of time. Such technological advancements are bound to change the way traffic functions in countries across the world, especially for a country like India that has the world's second largest road network. 

A developing country like India can hardly afford to have losses based on drivers’ inabilities to drive safely. The traffic density has reached such proportions that precision driving is almost a necessity, not only for transporting goods and freight across states, but also when considering the safety of citizens. India is a country infamous for its notorious road safety.

This is exactly why self-driven cars could soon be the way to go. It promises a future where road safety will be the least of our worries. To find out more about the Indian passenger vehicles market, refer to this report: