About Us

Research on India specializes in offering India-focused market research and insights that are meticulously derived from highly instructional analytics and consumer understanding. Being a premium research content provider, we come with a comprehensive portfolio of research reports and custom research solutions that help customers to delve into strategic market insights and gain significant competitive edge. We leverage a distinctive research framework, combining human expertise and advanced technologies, to design and incorporate tailored research processes for our customers. Over the years, we have successfully implemented a robust, yet responsive service delivery system for efficiently managing diverse research projects. This has enabled us to consistently deliver highly customized solutions and adapt quickly to accomplish the client needs.

A brainchild of Netscribes, Research on India focuses on harnessing large scale India-specific market insights and intelligence to offer a distinctive solutions-based platform which enables businesses to access relevant industry specific insights on a real time basis. Netscribes is a global market intelligence and content management firm with services across the research and information value chain.